Offline Synching Issues??

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Does anyone else have issues with synching issues with "offline" technicians (no service)? We've had a few instances where techs will be out in the field, fill out required forms, and then are able to close out their jobs. On their end things look okay but there is a red cloud with a slash through it. On our end, we saw that the job remained scheduled and looked as if the technician was not doing any work. They finally did a sync and his jobs turned to completed, but none of the work he completed in any of the jobs saved. 

Why would the forms not save? How do we make sure the red cloud icon does not show up / how to get rid of it? 


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @msjewell23

When technicians go through Syncing issues, we usually recommend the following:

  • For syncing issues, please make sure technicians DO NOT hit ‘Download Pricebook’ if there are still unsynced changes left to sync (red dot/rotating sync icon). If they ‘Download Pricebook’, it will ERASE all unsaved changes and these are not recoverable, they will have to redo all their work). Instead, pull up all the open apps screen and swipe it away to close ST. 
  • In the case where a tablet does not have sufficient cellular service to sync changes, the device will continue working offline until the technician reaches an area with sufficient cell service. 
  • When the device is working offline, the unsynced changes will continue to build up until there is sufficient cellular service to sync everything over. This is why it is important that technicians do not download Pricebook because all these unsynced changes are queued and waiting to be synced. Downloading the Pricebook will erase this queue. 
  • Sometimes, technicians can ask the customer at the service location they’re at to see if they can connect to wifi to continue working, then disconnect from their wifi once they are finished with the job.

Hope this is helpful🙂