currently, the technicians are only able to see the arrival window for scheduled jobs. the techs have NO ACCESS TO SEE WHEN THE JOB IS SCHEDULED TO END. This is extremely critical especially for service techs. The techs need to be able to see this in...

mcabral by New Contributor II
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Glitches today

One of our tech's just called me and is having trouble with ST today. It isn't loading anything for him. He cannot upload photos or attachments to his current job or see his next job either. Before I reach out to support - I wanted to see if anyone e...

KhianaKlatt by Valued Contributor II
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Being able to stay signed in on multiple devices

It would be great if you could stay signed in on multiple devices, and just specify which device you want your location pulled from. We use both tablets and phones, and often switch back and forth depending on the task. It takes a lot of time to sign...

Offline Synching Issues??

Does anyone else have issues with synching issues with "offline" technicians (no service)? We've had a few instances where techs will be out in the field, fill out required forms, and then are able to close out their jobs. On their end things look ok...

msjewell23 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Mobile Issues

Good Morning!For the last almost 24 hours we have had our techs without the ability to use the Mobile App on their Tablets. We reached out to chat this morning and they are saying it is an isolated incident with our techs. I am not sure how this woul...

AmyKerr by New Contributor II
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Email Not Saving on Mobile

Emails are not saving on the mobile end. Techs are doing what they've always done, and all of a sudden the emails are not saving to the customer profile. Has anyone else experienced this? Help please! Thanks.

vtadros9 by New Contributor II
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Mobile not syncing after data marge

We just went through a data merge and when it was done we lost mobile access. The techs in the field can't see anything on the app. The sync arrows have an exclamation point in the middle. We have un and re-installed the mobile app with no change. We...

chi2119 by New Contributor
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