Proposal & Estimate Template Categories on mobile

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I think a great way to impove the workflow and efficiency on the mobile end would be to add the option to have categories to proposals. Right now We have a lot of proposals for multipe repairs and replacements, but they are cluttered and all over the place. I suggest being able to clump together proposals (ie. HVAC replacements - 5 ton) and have multiple proposal options reguarding 5 ton replacements or repairs (repair, replace, upgrade/ good,better,best coil and condenser replacement/ good,better best full system replacement ect. This would allow companies to make more specific estimates without having techs scroll through tons of options.

Ive attatched a photoshopped example. IMG_0027.jpg


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Please go vote for the idea! We need this! COMMUNITY-I-1252