Mobile version tech accessibility for estimate

When jobs are scheduled on our technicians, they can add estimates to those jobs. However, once a job has been completed by the technician, they are unable to add additional estimates without assistance from the office staff or trying workarounds tha...

MichaelW by New Contributor
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Attaching PDF in the field

Is there a way to attach a pdf form on a job from the mobile app? We have water purveyors that use Tokay for backflow prevention tests and we're wanting out testers to add the pdf form to the job so we have proof in the office of completion. This wou...

josh_bab by New Contributor II
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Job Limitations on Projects

We recently learned projects have a 100 job limitation on the mobile side. Our technicians are locked out of invoices once the project reaches 100 jobs, no matter how many jobs that specific tech has worked on.Other than waiting until after invoice c...

GradyRoaten by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Work Ticket Information

Is there a way to change the information available to a crew via the Mobile app? For example, when our crews pull up the information page on their mobile devices, it would be incredibly handy to have a customer's phone number and take-off lawn size.

PJ-TLI by New Contributor
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Resolved! Technicians' ability to take payments

Is there a way to disable technicians' ability to take specific payments in the field? We recently added a surcharge to all credit card payments. We don't want our technicians to have the ability to take credit card payments in the field so we can en...

rmarchman by New Contributor III
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Mobile App.

The app just doesn't seem optimized for apple products. Sometimes it enters some sort of zoomed in mode where i cant un-zoom unless I close the app and restart. Its a bit frustrating. I try and use my Samsung tablet but often times my tablet doesn't ...

Entering Pesticide & Insecticide

Hi there,The company I work for is new to Aspire. Is there a way to input insecticide and pesticide used at a job site? It would nice to have the applicator apply the product, document it in Aspire, and then email the work ticket to the customer. Tha...

Kparris by New Contributor
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