Mobile View Unit Measure

I would like to see the unit of measure show in the mobile view for items in the Pricebook. In the Pricebook (on PC) the unit measure is visible, but when our technicians are using their tablets in the field they cannot see if the material they are (...

Deneen by New Contributor
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GPS directions

I am looking for a way I can get the START button on the tablet while in ST for google maps that will have the voice giving the turn by turn directions.

OZ by New Contributor
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Resolved! Ability to zoom in on pictures in desktop and mobile

Really hope this get's modified so we can zoom in on pictures that our techs take. It is very common to have to zoom in to see certain items, or details, and currently it can't be done without first downloading the image to the computer.My previous s...

MikeHVAC by New Contributor II
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Mobile version tech accessibility for estimate

When jobs are scheduled on our technicians, they can add estimates to those jobs. However, once a job has been completed by the technician, they are unable to add additional estimates without assistance from the office staff or trying workarounds tha...

MichaelW by New Contributor
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Resolved! Estimates - esign option

We recently discovered that we could send out estimates with the e-sign capability, however when our customer clicks the link to view the estimate, the picture that defaults is a light bulb! We would like to change that to our logo or a different pic...

cmzortman by New Contributor II
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Proposal & Estimate Template Categories on mobile

I think a great way to impove the workflow and efficiency on the mobile end would be to add the option to have categories to proposals. Right now We have a lot of proposals for multipe repairs and replacements, but they are cluttered and all over the...


New Idea

Hello,I would like to submit a new idea. I'm new at using this community messages and not sure if this is were I'm supposed to tell you about it. Hope it's done correctly. I created a new idea COMMUNITY-I-2487 that would greatly help our tech's out i...

Deneen by New Contributor
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