Proposal & Estimate Template Categories on mobile

I think a great way to impove the workflow and efficiency on the mobile end would be to add the option to have categories to proposals. Right now We have a lot of proposals for multipe repairs and replacements, but they are cluttered and all over the...


New Idea

Hello,I would like to submit a new idea. I'm new at using this community messages and not sure if this is were I'm supposed to tell you about it. Hope it's done correctly. I created a new idea COMMUNITY-I-2487 that would greatly help our tech's out i...

Deneen by New Contributor
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Events - Tech unable to see if TIMESHEET not checked!

With the newest update, there was a checkbox for "Needs a timesheet?" added to the new event settings. We use 1call dispatching, so our techs can only see one job at a time. With this we use events to let staff know if they need parts for a later rep...

aware134 by New Contributor
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Mobile Price book Preview

Dynamic pricing is a great new feature however if you choose to use it the new pricing will not be shown in the mobile price book preview. We use the preview a lot and now the only way to see the correct pricing is to change all of your static prices...

tomkohbe by New Contributor II
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For projects, field technicians need to be able to see notes

Currently field technicians can see invoice summary notes from jobs that only involve one technician. Once the job turns into a project, the field techs are not able to see the project summary notes/description unless they are dispatched to that job,...

aequigua by New Contributor
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Tip line for technicians!

Would love for our technicians to be able to get credit card tips when people pay invoices. Any chance Service Titan is working on this?

mnbierman by New Contributor
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Task Management and Technicians/Mobile

Currently, everything I am being told says 'task management' can only be used on the office side. However, you are able to assign technicians to a task. Wouldn't it make sense to open task management up on the mobile side so technicians can complete ...

scottie_ by New Contributor
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New feature!

It would be awesome if service titan had a feature where customers were able to sign estimates through the estimate portal. Allowing them to accept sign, and date an estimate and it still converts to sold and notifies the office to schedule.

Akligmann by New Contributor
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Photos - Data Management

The inability for files to be renamed in bulk is a huge hurdle we have yet to overcome. It requires that we still use 2 different systems to house photos which is not ideal given what we spend monthly for ServiceTitan....Not only would we would like ...

lacwilson by New Contributor II
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Admin Mobile App

I would like an admin version of the mobile app for when I am away from my desk. I can dispatch while remote.

jvo1 by New Contributor II
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