Technician Job Filters

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There are a few different options for technicians with regards to which jobs they can see on their tablet. There is no option for them to see jobs that are on hold.

When a job is on hold, it is often as a result of waiting on permits or materials. Without seeing the jobs on hold, the technicians often forget about it or fail to follow-up with a supplier.

I would like to provide our technicians with this access to eliminate that from happening.


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We have this same problem. Has there been any progress to solve this issue?

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If the "hold" are visible to only office staff because they are the people required to follow up on that job, then what is a technician to do if he/she needs to follow-up on a job. Where is their hold section?

I understand that the current configuration is meant for dispatchers only, but from the perspective of a technician it can be rather difficult to keep track of their ongoing jobs. For example, if they need to order material for the job but it hasn't yet been scheduled, they can't pull a PO for it. If they need to contact the customer to discuss anything, they don't have access to the contact information. If they need to leave notes to log any discussions with the customer/supplier, they don't have access to the job.

Currently, we leave jobs in scheduled for the technicians to gain access to it and sometimes they sit there for a week, causing clutter and confusion for the dispatchers. By adding it as an option through the technician-specific settings, you allow more customization for each of your customers. It isn't an option that needs to be forced on anybody.

If there is an alternative solution that I might be missing, I'm open to hearing it.


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Hi @Dean A - thanks for this discussion post! Currently, "hold" jobs are only visible for the office staff as they are ones to follow up on that job and later reschedule it once the situation has been sorted. I recommend reaching out to your Customer Success Manager @Jenece Johnson for additional information regarding "hold" jobs. Thanks!