Technicians can Chat (Text) with Customer's From Follow up tab on Mobile Version of Service Titan

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I would like for My Technicians to be able to Start a Chat(Text Thread) with the Customer Directly from the Follow-Up tab on the mobile side of Service Titan. This will allow them to initiate a conversation/schedule a time to make a call to address any questions or concerns about an estimate provided to one of our customers.


I've found that if my technicians make a cold call after the estimate has been provided and get no answer, they tend to give up. Not to mention, if the customer calls back, the call does not return directly to the Technician. This creates a need for a middle man(office) between the technician and the customer.


However, if a message is sent to the customer prior to the phone call, the customer might be more likely to respond and schedule a time to talk versus having to call back and create a game of back and forth between the office, technician, and customer.


If interested please vote. COMMUNITY-I-2871


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Hi @Scottie_Martz - welcome back and congrats on your first post! ๐ŸŽ‰

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