photo link not working on my techs ipads

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We are having an issue with the photo link capture. Many of my techs prefer using the phone capture option on service titan to add photos to a job. I have three techs that were using this feature that are now telling me that they are no longer receiving the link on their iphones...

Please advise. Do you think that this is an iphone issue or an ipad issue or a ST issue?




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My guys all have the "enable phone capture" clicked and it isn't working for them as of 4/25/23.  Did they by chance do an update and this got kicked out?

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Hello. Never received anymore feedback on this... All techs have iphone and ipad. We started having them take the photos on iphones then airdropping it to their ipads. This is a good fix, but I would really prefer to have the phone capture back... Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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This issue just started happening to me as well, just wondering if the issue was resolved?

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Have you checked to make sure this permission is still checked? image.png

Randi Thompson
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Hi Randi,

Thanks for your answer. Yes I have checked this. ALL my techs now having same issue. They all have iphones and ipads.