Resolved! Removal of signature required when charging card on file

When our techs go out to a tenant/landlord job and there is a card on file, a signature is required even if the landlord is not present. Is there a way the tech can charge the card on file upon completion without a signature? Or use the authorization...

AlexPhylactou by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Booking a job for multiple techs in mobile needed

When We book a job in the mobile app, it only allows us to book the job for ourselves.Often we will have a tech with a helper and if the tech picks up an extra call they can only book it for themselves and not for the helper that is riding with them....

noah_com by New Contributor II
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Materials button needed

When in mobile, there's a task button but often we need to add materials to jobs, like 90% of our jobs.The extra step to go into the actions drop down to select the materials button is cumbersome. adding materials isn't exactly an action, no more so ...

noah_com by New Contributor II
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Does anyone know if the technicians have the ability to add tags to their jobs through ST.

robertac by New Contributor
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Mobile app. Looking up customers and old jobs/ new jobs.

I'd like my guys to be able to look up and call customers/ be able to see jobs that they were not necessarily assigned to. I keep running into situations that a job is estimated but not necessarily booked. I would like one of my leads to call the cus...

Customer Authorization Forms per Job

We have forms set up for customer's to sign authorizing us to complete work on the property and another form the customer signs when job is completed. I have searched and searched and watched all the videos I can find on how to stop triggering that f...

ladams by New Contributor
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Mobile View of Technician Schedule

Why can't the techs view their schedule via mobile? We used to use non-job events for things like Time-Off and Holidays that the technician could see on their Dashboard or through All Jobs. But now that we're using the Schedule Module and setting tec...

anthonym1 by New Contributor III
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ServiceTitan Mobile Cache issues

Is anyone else having issues with their techs complaining of issues: a) not being able to properly log in to service titan due to being met with a blank screen? Restarting, closing the app, etc. does not work. The only fix is uninstalling/reinstallin...

rmann by New Contributor
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