Language Selection

Is there a possibility in the near future to have spanish be a language that can be selected on the mobile app?

Invoice View on Mobile Tech Vs Customer

Had an odd one come up this week. The Left (blurry) picture is what our tech see when he clicks preview on the mobile side of the job and the Right (non blurry) is what I can pull in the office. This customer is wanting to see that "standard pricing"...

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jeftem by New Contributor
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Mobile PO Question

Can a tech create a PO on a job BEFORE dispatch? I'm testing and it doesn't seem like they can. I don't want them to dispatch before they stop at the supply house but I also don't want them to have to call for a PO.

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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techs cannot create equipment

This is a growing issue and I know I have seen in mentioned on Masterminds. We have techs that are creating equipment (and they have screen shots of it created) then it just disappears completely as if the never created it! I have an "escalated ticke...

New Idea

Hello,I would like to submit a new idea. I'm new at using this community messages and not sure if this is were I'm supposed to tell you about it. Hope it's done correctly. I created a new idea COMMUNITY-I-2487 that would greatly help our tech's out i...

Deneen by New Contributor
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My techs are on call one week at a time. Our time from 8am-4pm is considered regular and 430pm is nights and weekends charge. We also have a holiday charge. If our times are set as such why does ST not reflect this and they have to go in manually and...

abbycamp by New Contributor
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Resolved! Making A Form Mandatory

Hi Ya'll! We are running into a bit of a problem trying to have the techs fill out an HVAC checklist form when they are on an install job. We put a trigger on it for “when close out button is tapped” but it still allows them to fill out later and the...

Katierossi by New Contributor II
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Automating Adding Sub-Items to Items on an Invoice

Is there a way to automate the addition of sub-items to items on the ST Mobile invoice tab? Our inventory/job costing system has different categories for different material types (ie: electric, plumbing, gas, sheet metal, etc). These materials are al...

Nelson_Gothard by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Limited information in Mobile without opening jobs

The information a technician sees in mobile without actually opening a job is very limited. We should be able to configure this information in a way that works for our individual shops, and add custom fields if needed. Please vote for these in ideas!...

lortega_ by New Contributor
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