Resolved! Photos downloaded to wrong job

I have a tech who downloaded his photos to the wrong job. Is there a way to move them to the correct job?

wrichter by New Contributor II
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Photos hogging ipad storage

When a tech captures a photo on a job or a form through the mobile app, it also saves the photo on the iPad. This results in all the photos hogging up the iPad storage. These photos do not need to be saved on the tech's devices. They only need to be ...

jarrettd by New Contributor III
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Cellular data?

New to ServiceTitan and setting up iPads for 18 techs. Our unlimited cell service plan is visibly slower than our shared data plans, but obviously both work (cell company says they should be the same). Anyone have any real-world data from how much da...

tayl428 by New Contributor
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photo link not working on my techs ipads

Hello!!We are having an issue with the photo link capture. Many of my techs prefer using the phone capture option on service titan to add photos to a job. I have three techs that were using this feature that are now telling me that they are no longer...

jweins1 by New Contributor
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Feature request: photo orientation editing

I've been using ST for about seven months now and I've noticed a quirk that could really use some massaging:When our techs upload photos using the mobile app, regardless of the orientation of the photo as actually captured by the device, ST will rand...