"Bill To" Info Needs To Be More Visible On Mobile Job Page AND Mobile Dashboard!

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This issue causes us too much frustration.

A prime example is the work that we do for Home Depot. We have each HD store set up as a customer and then create locations for each consumer that buys a door from HD.

If the CSR forgets to put HD in the name, (HD - John Smith) then the technician only sees "John Smith" on the Dashboard and has no idea that it's a Home Depot job. Additionally, if they open the job, the header at the top is labeled "Location/Bill To" but the only info that populates is the Location Name.

Another example is work we do for builders. Say the job is for Vanguard Homes but the homeowner is John Smith.  Our technicians shouldn't have to load the job and then look at the "Contact Info" screen to find out who the job is being billed to. 

It also causes the techs to try and collect payment from customers that have credit terms with us.



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We have the same issue, It would be great if the service location and bill to info showed up side-by-side on mobile, like it does in the office

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We have had a string of customers asking if we have been out before and then our tech gives out the information of what the previous homeowner paid for and that is a BIG NO NO.  This can get us into a legal battle.  There is nothing on the mobile side that said who paid for the invoice in the history.  This needs to be a must have!

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I just came to post this! On the mobile job page it literally says: "location / bill to," but shows the location name and NOT the bill to name. For us this is an issue when the bill to is a warranty company. The tech sees "location / bill to Joe Smith" and collects from Joe Smith. Then we need to process a refund. I can't blame the techs. It says bill to Joe Smith, but it's wrong.