Dynamic Pricing vs Client Specific Pricing

Just looking for a little bit of insight. Our company is about 50% Commercial and 50% Residential. We originally set up dynamic pricing for our residential customers and created a client specific pricing rule for all of our commercial customers. We d...

Client Specific Pricing

In my first Feature Spotlight: Why Client Specific Pricing Matters, I write about what it does, why you should use it with your commercial and new construction clients, and how to get started. Check it out at the link above!

Dynamic Pricing

Need some advice here. We use dynamic pricing rules for all of our customers, residential and commercial. For titan score purposes we need to have client specific pricing rules set up and have a default rate sheet created. is this something we will j...

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Price Builder: Gross Margin and Markup

Client Specific Pricing and Dynamic Pricing use different markup methods. This is confusing. We built dynamic prices using the default option for Gross Margin (which has always been our preferred method). In Client Specific Pricing that option is not...

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