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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

How is everyone managing pricebook materials for plumbing and electric. Our vendors will not give us an excel or usb with their pricebook and pricebook pro is lacking in all but basic materials.  We have built our own but maintaining and constantly updating prices is exhausting.  Hopefully Titan will partner with some big vendors in the future like with HVAC but currently the integrations for plumbing and electrical are not great.

How are you maintaining materials in pricebook even with pricebook pro?


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We all feel that! The pricebook can be a full time job



We are an electrical company and I feel this as well! We have spent a lot of time, and continue to spend a lot of time building/ maintaining ours- as our vendors are local and dont integrate with ST. Here is our process:

1. We purchase the material usuing purchase order in ST

2. When we get the invoice from our vendor, I receive it in ST and compare the prices. If any are different, I will update them in the pricebook. 

This is what we found is the best process for us. Yes it is cumbersome, but untill ST partners with some big vendors, this is what we have to do. 

Hopefully this helps!