Tracked or not tracked status

Is there a way to view the "Inventory Tags" or to see if an item is tracked or not tracked from the pricebook page. The Inventory Overview page only shows what is marked to be tracked, but the pricebook shows all of our items. I know that if one goes...

jhoskins by New Contributor
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Rebuilding a PriceBook from scratch

Fun topic that nobody really talks about because it is rather daunting: rebuilding a PriceBook. My company has been with ServiceTitan for a few years now, and for our PriceBook, we have services and materials from at least 4 different versions of pri...

Nelson_Gothard by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Pricebook Services

If I add material to a service, for example, during a toilet installation the tech can use a 2 in. flapper or a 3 in. flapper. If I add both those materials in the service. Can the tech mark which one he used and remove the other?

Asantos1tp by New Contributor II
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