Pricebook Column Width

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Is it just me or is everyone not able to adjust column widths in the pricebook? The name and code column are always on (you can't turn them off and it will not let me shrink them. This means if I have any extra columns added I can't see the price unless I scroll over which is very annoying and time consuming. Is there a way to fix that?




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I absolutely agree! We should be able to resize the columns and they should permanently stay in place.

This is an obvious bug fix!   The trick is getting management to take action!

ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @kendallc -- you can always edit columns and remove any columns that just take up space. If you hover over the right side of the column, you should be able to adjust the width. The only column that is unadjustable is the first one, which is the "name," but code and everything else is adjustable.

Sheena @ NiFT

I have been playing around with it and was able to get the code shrunk. It is very finicky. I have to go into edit mode, click into an editable field, change and watch it bounce back then go out of an editable field and then my change will stick. I am guessing that whole process is not needed but I am not sure what it was that triggered it to stay.

It normally allows me to narrow it but it immediately bounces back.

The name column needs changed to editable so I can see more columns.