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On the ServiceTitan Pricebook, is there actively a way that we can edit the columns per ServiceTitan user? 

For example, when I am working on the portion of Pricebook that I need to get done, I only need to see the Media, Name, Code, Description, Material Cost, Linked Materials, and Linked Equipment. However, anytime I change it so I only see those, it changes it to that for every other user on ServiceTitan.

This makes it very inconvenient for anyone else using the Pricebook at the moment. Does someone either have a way around that, or would this be something that needs to be suggested as an update?


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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @ZMR-TBHVAC, Unfortunately, I don't believe there is a way to edit columns per user but this would make a great idea in community!

If it helps, there is a quick reset defaults button at the bottom of the edit columns flyout. You can also allow more room on that screen by shrinking down the leftmost tab, CTRL+\ is the hotkey for that. Possibly that would allow you to keep a column on that someone else is using at the moment.

Link your idea here if you make one, my fellow coaches and I would be happy to vote on it!

I have made the idea, as you recommended! Any votes would be greatly appreciated! As well, any comments if you feel you can describe it better/have addons to the idea!

Thank you in advance!

Thanks so much @ZMR-TBHVAC

For those who agree with @ZMR-TBHVAC > Add your votes here:

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Hi @ZMR-TBHVAC - let's see if we can get you an answer for this. @Rachel_Young - any suggestions?