Pricebook saved favorites.

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I believe it would be more efficient to have a favorites category for constantly used items from the Pricebook. Rather that searching for an item each time, simply save it to your favorites and reference that list, which will inevitably be much smaller. Service charge, maintenance, accessory items, all in one spot. Fewer calls or emails asking 'where can I find this?' Please upvote.


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I know Field Edge had this feature and and the techs could personalize it to them individually.  You can always create a category of commonly used items and have tasks sit in both categories (the one they would belong to normally and a Favorites/Commonly used) but that would not allow the techs to be able to individualize this on a per tech basis.  I would encourage you to visit the ideas section and see if there is a suggestion that already matches this or create a new idea and I will definitely upvote it!

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