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Pricebook saved favorites.

I believe it would be more efficient to have a favorites category for constantly used items from the Pricebook. Rather that searching for an item each time, simply save it to your favorites and reference that list, which will inevitably be much small...

JasonM1 by New Contributor
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Removing Deactivated Categories

I am going through and doing some Pricebook clean-up and came across an issue with deactivated categories still being listed under active services and materials. Naturally, I looked to the community to see if anyone else has found this and had a good...

Nelson_Gothard by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Price Setup

Hello!So when I go into price setup and try to change my man-hours from 1 to 2 (for example), my overall price for the service doesn't change. Shouldn't that price double in its amount? Do I have to change the overall price of service manually?

ptowles by New Contributor II
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Pricebook (Services vs Equipment vs Material)

I have a couple of questions in regards to the Pricebook setup.I created the material list (plumbing fittings), equipment list (toilets, water heaters, well pump) and services (install new toilet, install new water heater etc.)My question is:If I add...

Asantos1tp by New Contributor II
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Whats the difference? Material, Equipment, Service

Ok, so I joined a company who has been using service titan for a while now and have been trying to learn all I can. Recently I was tasked with getting the company setup in the inventory module. This company has been running for years using service ti...

KellyB by New Contributor III
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