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I had an idea that I added to the ideas section and I'm just hoping to get some votes to move it forward. However, maybe my techs are the only ones running into this issue. When we run a call, after hours for example, we can not provide the customer with a repair cost until we speak to the supply store to get part number, availability, and price. So when we come in a little early the next morning to speak to the supplier, we can not view the price book until we arrive at a job. The problem is we then have to drive to our first call and take extra time on their call to put together a price for yesterdays customer. The other issue is if the customer from the previous day is on a maintenance plan that receives membership prices and the one we are currently arrived at isn't, we can not provide correct prices. It just makes sense to us that having the price book accessible all the time for the field techs is a necessity. Hopefully I'm not alone in this, if you agree please vote on this idea. 


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From a business standpoint, if the technicians have access to the pricebook 24/7 you could be worried about them doing side jobs if they have access to all of the part numbers and pricing. So this may be a bit of a safety feature that they can only access it when logged into a job. However, I definitely understand where you are coming from and how this can be a frustration!

Currently, our techs workaround is they place the job on "pause". This keeps the job open on their line so they still have access to it. Then they can contact the supplier the next day and complete the estimate then. Once the estimate is sent, they close out of the job. Hope this helps. 🙂


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This likely isn't the only answer, but what I have done, for now, is export the price book to excel. I upload it to Google Sheets and share it with my field team. This seems like a bit of a work around, not knowing all possible options available, but might help you in the meantime. This also works with the material list, since the search within Titan isn't like a google search, it's more of an exact search on the mobile side. So this may help on multiple levels. Hope this helps!