Mobile View Unit Measure

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I would like to see the unit of measure show in the mobile view for items in the Pricebook. In the Pricebook (on PC) the unit measure is visible, but when our technicians are using their tablets in the field they cannot see if the material they are (choosing) selling is in what unit measure (ie: each, pair, per foot, per inch, etc.). Therefore, they sometimes sell things thinking it's per pair but it is actually should be sold as each. I think this would be a very useful tool for the technicians as well as office staff. Not to mention how much it would help in inventory control.  Thank you  in advance for your time & consideration on this matter.  ** This has been reposted due to the fact that I was not sure it was done correctly the first time 😊


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Hi @Deneen - this sounds like a great idea and would definitely help technicians! Thanks for adding it to our Ideas board [] - let's get some votes Community!