Automate Non Opportunity on Sold Jobs

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Is it possible to automatically check the non opportunity box when creating a sold job? I thought tagging it with a tag that has the "conversion opportunity" box unchecked would do this, but it doesn't appear to be working.


We are looking to have accurate reporting and sometimes our dispatchers forget to click the box when creating sold jobs


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From what I can see it appears that there isn't a way to specifically do this for sold jobs, however you are able to make certain job types, business units, or customers no charge/ unconvertable by default.  

From there, you would just want to make sure that jobs booked from sold estimates fall under the applicable job types, business units, or customers while also ensuring that this won't cause any other inaccuracies with reporting by making sure none of the jobs you want to be convertible will fall under those categories.

Here is a relevant article in KB:

Hope this helps!