Converted job when a lead is set

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We closely track technicians conversion rates in their scorecard and technicians get "docked" (i.e. job not converted) when they flip a lead to a sales technician that sells the job.  They get credit for the lead and the sale, but the job is not counted as a converted job and goes against their conversion rate.  I think the system should mark this job as CONVERTED job and give the technician credit for converting this if the lead is set AND and sold estimate is present. 


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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Just combed through the community and knowledge base for almost an hour trying to find this exact issue! I do like the SLM conversion rate KPI @BCN mentions, but I think you have a point in that it should be an option for a company to consider jobs as converted by default if a lead was set for sales.  A lot of the companies I help are looking at the technician's scorecards wondering why techs they consider to be great at their jobs are getting lower average tickets. It's also de-incentivizing for them to see lower conversion rates because they are good at turning over leads. Essentially the opportunity is getting passed along to another job for the sales team anyway and often the original service tech can only charge the dispatch/diagnostic fee because the equipment was not possible/feasible to repair, leaving them with a non-converted job. And while we could manually go back and make all those now TGL jobs a "no charge by default" that's just adding work...
@BCN am I missing anything here? is this possibly a configuration option we're just unaware of? I could not find any related ideas in the community either, so I wanted to check before I make one 😉

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There is a separate KPI you can track for this. It's called SLM conversion rate, and its in the technician performance dataset. SLM stands for "sale, lead, membership". It counts a job as converted if the job was sold, but also if a lead was set or a membership was sold (even if its under the sold threshold)