Duct Cleaning Estimates VS Converted Jobs

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Has anyone set up a report where they can track how many estimates convert VS do NOT convert for a specific job type (in this example Duct Cleaning)? We do a lot of estimates for this job type but I'm having problems tracking our metrics accurately. The Opportunity and Estimate report lists every estimate left with the customer so if we leave 4 options for Duct Cleaning that report lists them all. The Sold by Sales Detail report only shows is the converted estimates, not the opportunities. Anyone who can help us with this? 


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Hi @garrettbrood123, thanks for your post!

Creating a custom report may be helpful here. Navigate to Reports tab > Create report > Select the report type and report template as Estimates and make sure to include the Job Type column to filter by the job type you want to pull up data. Attaching a screenshot below.