Resolved! Best way to automatically pull data for analytics.

Does anyone have a good way they have found to automatically pull data from Service Titan that I could then connect to a BI dashboard like Power BI, Tableau, Looker Studio, etc? For example, performance reports that I can have updated automatically w...

rf-devin by New Contributor
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CSR Scorecard Report

Is there a report available that will allow me to export the information from the CSR Scorecard?

RQUIROZ by New Contributor
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Help Wanted for a BCN Video

I'm working on a video about reporting, and I want to build out an example custom report as part of it. If you have an idea for a custom report you'd like to see built, put it in the comments! The more detail you can give me about what the report's p...

by Community Moderator
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Main Zone vs All Zones

Found a weird data set that makes no sense. We rely heavily on Zones as we serve a very large area. Technicians cross over regularly. Reporting is centralized to three markets and so I appreciate the ability in a technician profile to differentiate a...

mauristi by New Contributor II
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Conversion and Revenue by Job Type

Hi everyone - We are having inside sales do lead setting on replacement opportunities where the technician did not turn it over (set the lead). I want to see how those jobs perform compared to our marketing leads or technician turnovers .My idea is t...

cherie_m by Contributor III
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Resolved! Combining Campaigns by categories

Is there a way to combine campaigns by category? For example, is there a way to add all of our magazine campaigns under the "Printing Advertising" category? If not, does anyone have recommendations to organize (clean up) our campaigns without getting...

ddmcrystal by New Contributor II
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Budget vs Actual Report

I absolutely love the Budget vs Actual widget under the financials section of the Project page. I've spent a good deal of time getting our labels just right where it gives a simple but detailed breakdown of our job costing report. The downside, howev...

codybumpus by New Contributor III
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Marketing Campaigns Overtime

I would love to see a visualization in dashboards to view KPI's overtime, we are specifically trying to track Total Job Average per campaign overtime. I have tried to do it in excel but it is a lot of manual information that needs to be input. Any he...

kdavis209 by New Contributor
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