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We're hoping to be able to build a report to display the projected incoming cash flows for future scheduled jobs. It would be such a time saver rather than having to manually go into each job for multiple routes per day. Building budgets and planning for certain expenses would be so much simpler if we could go into a report, select a date range, and then see a projected cash flows number, which assumes no cancellations and the projects only closeout for the amount that the job is scheduled for.


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Quick question, are you following the suggested perform work later work flow and booking your future work into jobs so that the invoice is already filled out and any deposits taken are already applied?

If so, check out the jobs template in reports 2.0 and you can easily create a report that will show you this information.  You would want to filter by job start date so you can select the date range in the future that you would want to see and can even look at the balance left on the invoice after the deposit so you know what cash flow to expect versus what payments you already have.  Hope this helps!

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