**VOTES NEEDED** Include non-job events on Emergency Outage Dispatch Report

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We need to see all activities scheduled for a technician. This includes non-job events. Please vote for COMMUNITY-I-3002 to see an option added to the Emergency Outage Dispatch Report that would allow non-job events to be included in this report.


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Community Moderator

The Emergency Outage Report uses the "Jobs" dataset, which does not hold Non-Job Event information. It won't be possible to show them both in one report without the ability to combine datasets, which is not currently a capability we have. If you are concerned about the NJE's, what you can do is schedule a separate report using the timesheets dataset. I'd filter the job number column to "is empty" and the "timesheet Activity" column to "is not idle". that should narrow you down to just the NJE's. the events need to have the "timesheet code required" checkbox selected when putting them in in order for this to work properly. Send that report at the same cadence as the outage report, and then you'll have both pieces of information. 

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