What is a direct to scheduler link?

These links, also known as “deep links” open the scheduler automatically on your website, allowing customers to go directly to the scheduler and book. Without these links, customers have to open your site and click around until they find & enter the scheduler, just adding more steps that can lead to drop-off.

To see a direct link in action, click here for our demo site.

Where should I use direct to scheduler links?

We have found customers have had the best success using these links in marketing campaigns, on things like:

  • Email campaigns
  • SMS campaigns
  • QR codes on direct mailing, reminder magnets, etc.

Here is an example of a direct to scheduler link in a QR code, on a direct mailer: 


Best practices for using direct to scheduler links:

Make sure you are using a clear and concise “call to action” (CTA) button on marketing campaigns. Examples include:

  • Schedule Today
  • Book Now
  • Schedule an Appointment

What are my direct links?

Simply add the below script to the end of your website URL. More information can be found on our knowledge base.

  • Open to Main Menu/Truck Image: ?se_action=eyJ0eXBlIjoic2Utc2hvdy1tb2RhbCJ9
  • Open to Preventative Maintenance: ?se_action=eyJ0eXBlIjoic2Utc2hvdy1tb2RhbCIsIm9wdGlvbnMiOnsicm9vbUtleSI6InByZXZlbnRhdGl2ZV9tYWludGVuYW5jZSJ9fQ%3D%3D
  • Open to Sales / Quote: ?se_action=eyJ0eXBlIjoic2Utc2hvdy1tb2RhbCIsIm9wdGlvbnMiOnsicm9vbUtleSI6InNhbGVzIn19
  • Open to Repair: ?se_action=eyJ0eXBlIjoic2Utc2hvdy1tb2RhbC1yZXBhaXIiLCJvcHRpb25zIjp7InJvb21LZXkiOiJnZW5lcmFsIn19

Want to track who is clicking on these links and where? Add UTM codes to the code as well!

Adding UTM parameters to the link as well (after the script above) will give you information about where customers are clicking these links (example: did they open the scheduler via a google ad? email campaign?). This can help you make better informed decisions on where your marketing dollars are getting the best bang for your buck. More information on using UTMs with Schedule Engine can be found here.




Have questions for other Schedule Engine users? How have you used direct links in your marketing campaigns? Reply below!

Schedule Engine is web-booking software that helps contractors exceed customer expectations. Schedule Engine’s technology meets the end consumer wherever they want to engage the contractor - online, live chat, or by phone. ServiceTitan and Schedule Engine’s partnership is aimed to improve our customers' lives by providing them with the best tool possible to shift their customer booking experience online. Account configuration is required for this feature. 

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Oh My YESSS! I love this, as the person who creates our graphics for advertisements and social media post, I hadn't thought about creating links within the images to link into the scheduler. 💣 

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Fantastic @BayleeRhappy to hear this! Thank you for leaving a comment!

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