Ads Optimizer Beta FREE TRIAL Extended to September 4th (Labor Day)

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

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We've just extended Marketing Pro Ads Optimizer Free Trial to SEPTEMBER 4!

If you are a Marketing Pro Ads customer, you automatically get access to the Ads Optimizer beta once you complete setup of Ads Measurement. This means connecting Google Analytics, Google Ads and Dynamic Call Tracking (DNI) which you can do directly from Settings>Integrations>Marketing Integrations.

Why set up Ads Measurement?

Transparency into your Google Ad spend! How many of you know the ROI of your Google Ad campaigns? You may know which campaigns are bringing in the calls or form fills, but how about revenue? With Ads Measurement, you start to uncover wasted ad spend. In fact, we typically see in the vicinity of 30-40% wasted ad spend when we are finally able to tie revenue to a contractor's ad campaigns. So for every day you wait to set up Ads Measurement, a big chunk of your Google Ad budget may be going down the drain.

>>Check out this setup guide to walk you through the steps of completing setup.

Why Ads Optimizer?

Once you know where your ad budget is going, you can start to optimize your campaigns around the winners. ServiceTitan feeds audience and revenue data back to Google Ads, so Google can start optimizing for sales. That means more, higher quality leads for your business, a lower cost per lead, and higher ROI overall from your digital ads budget. Any qualified lead generated by Optimizer will be FREE until September 4 so get started today.

>>Learn more about Ads Optimizer Beta here.

Not on Marketing Pro Ads and want to learn more?

>>Contact us by requesting a demo here.