Embedded Dialer Not Ready For Primetime

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Hey everyone, I am writing this to hopefully get some help and shine a light on the issues I have been having with the embedded dialer.  Look forward to hearing some feed back and to see if any others are running in to the same obstacles I am.

  1. Constantly forgets which headset and mic it is using: This one happens a lot and at random which makes trouble shooting very hard. But I usually get a ticket saying something like “I can’t hear anything” or “I can’t call out”. I usually then must verify that the correct mic and headset are being used on the dialpad app and the embedded dialer and windows. I have gotten to the point where I disable all audio except the headset and mic and it still finds a way to forget.
  2. If the user is on the embedded dialer call and someone calls them from teams their call will disconnect and mess up their headset settings which requires a reboot to fix: this is self-explanatory though it would be nice to know why it happens.
  3. Browser security settings are lost causing the user to suddenly not have a working headset/mic: Again, with the embedded dialer it just seems to not remember, and I am adjusting security settings to allow use of the correct headset and mic.
  4. I feel like a beta tester: I’ve used a lot of bleeding/cutting edge software in my IT career BUT I legitimately feel like I am beta testing the embedded dialer for them. However, this is not being advertised as a product in beta.
  5.  Features are implemented and the ability to turn them off, are not there: I have zero issues with new features and quality of life updates. But please forgoing some security issue please leave in a way to disable new features. I have CSRs telling me every day about this “new thing” that popped up and it’s negatively impacting their workflow.
  6. Consistent statuses between the desktop app and the embedded dialer: I’ve had several CSRs complain to me that; themselves and their coworkers statuses don’t match what each CSR is seeing or even their own status on the same computer will be different between the embedded dialer and the desktop app.
  7. Techs follow up on tickets before and after business hours: I noticed that when you are awaiting a response from a tech that they usually decide to contact you before or after business hours. This is especially prevalent in escalated tickets. Usually, it’s a full business day to give them data and wait for an update.
  8. The "fix" to everything is to clear the cache: again, as an IT pro I do understand why this is suggested. There is, after all, a functional difference between shutting down and powering back on windows and restarting windows. The issue I have here is the “have you cleared the cache” thing seems to be just a blanket answer and most of the time it doesn’t fix the problem.
  9. Limited tabs: This one I never understood and it’s the first time I’ve seen it. But limiting the number of tabs you can have the embedded dialer without causing issues is basically 1 tab. There may have been a design reason for this I don’t know but it’s a terrible idea. Considering the workload the CSRs have using the embedded dialer on more than one tab should be present.

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Hi @TCATC - I am so sorry that you and your team are experiencing so many obstacles with the embedded dialer and this was your first post in the Community. 

I can only imagine how frustrating this is, especially when you have other tasks that need your attention. Readjusting mic and headset settings over and over, security settings being forgotten/lost, and the many other items you listed . . . enough to get even the most seasoned professional a bit frustrated. I'm sorry.

I've reached out to our Product team to better understand how we/they might be able to assist you with these valid points. As soon as I hear anything, I will reach out and keep you updated.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

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Update: After action was taken by ST to fix the DialPad issue we had one day (sort of) where it was smoothing sailing.

Password Resets: I was messaged many times by nearly the whole CSR department stating that they could only get in to DialPad after they reset their password. Some had to do it more than once. Today was the same I watched many CSRs reset their passwords and DialPad would tell them it was still incorrect. Persistence appears to be the fix here, just keep resetting the password till it lets you in.

Headset Permission (again): I had tech support on with me for nearly 2 hours and she couldn’t figure out why the embedded dialer was saying the headset did not have permission despite us granting permission. She finally said she was going to escalate the ticket. Next, I rebooted the computer (again) and it magically worked.

Clear the Cache: Between yesterday and today I have lost track of the amount of times I have told people to clear the cache and the amount of times I was asked by tech support “did they clear the cache?” The effectiveness of this procedure needs to be reevaluated.

Productivity Killer: We have a small IT department here and I have now spent nearly the entire day trying to get our CSRs up and running. We DO NOT have the time to support a singular subpar product all day as other IT issues may arise.

Conclusion: Well, everything in my original post still stands; in addition to what’s happened over the last two days. This software IS NOT READY!

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I agree with you. We turned on this product last month and made it about 10 days before realizing that this product is not ready for prime time. Every issue you had we did too. First we thought it was the new wireless headsets (the titan recommended units). So we actually switched back to the wired ones ( also recommended) and the issue persisted. We switched account types and no longer have embedded dialer at all. We strictly use the Dialpad app and it has worked great since. 

it’s not the advanced seat we originally hoped for but the basic seat provides us with more functionality than we had with our previous provider anyway. 

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Thank you for reaching out. It's pretty frustrating when 1 product causes between 20% and 50% of your weekly tickets.