Marketing Pro/Audience Builder: Want to target repeat customers

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The audience builder needs more options like the reports section.

I want to be able to target certain customer segments like repeat customers.  However, I can't see repeat customers or customers who have a total/overall high value based on the options available today.  We do not sell memberships at the moment and so that section is useless for me to use to target these repeat customers and I have no other options available.

Could we get more options to target specifically for overall value or number of invoices, etc.?


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Has there been any update to this in the past year and a half?  Lifetime value is now part of the main customer dashboard and available as a data attribute.  Why can't it be added to the customer filter?

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Money spent over time would be a nice option to have, number of visits, average revenue per visit, stuff like that.

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Hi there!

What an incredible idea regarding the audience builder!

Have you reached out to your CSM regarding this functionality? If not, they can connect you with your Pro Account Manager who can also help talk through what's currently possible and if this isn't available, we can definitely pass this feedback along to our product teams to understand how to improve Marketing Pro!