Need ways to clean up the pricebook more efficiently.

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About a year ago we started our company and started to ST. Went through all the onboarding and at the time felt like it was all coming together. after about 6 months of using it we found out that nothing was set up the correct way. Memberships weren't working properly, pricing was so massed up and had so much crap that I couldn't get rid of. Now I know we can deactivate things and reactivate things but in my eyes we need to just be able to delete it out of our system or have the ability to start over from scratch. I have learned a lot over the past year and half. The system is flawed in a lot of ways especially when it comes to simplicity I feel. There are much better ways of doing things that are just not possible in ST when it comes to building Services, Equipment pricing, Material pricing, Estimate Templates and Proposal Templates. 


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I feel this. The amount I know now FAR surpasses what I knew when we first joined, and there are many things I would do differently.

I think deactivating is better then deleting for a few reason. 1. You can do it all through excel to do it MUCH quicker then going into the original item, or like Pam said above, you can check the box that says " deactivate current pricebook" but that is a scary button to me. haha

2. you can have these items in inactive, and can always reactivate them if you did one on accident, or while you are looking for a task, you realize there is one in there that now you need back without having to completely recreate. 

Pricebook is important, so getting it right is necessity. Without correct pricing and things working the way they should on a costing side, it can really effect your business. Setting aside time to get it right should be priority! do little by little, major things first, and you will get it cleaned up! Also, if you haven't looked at the new Dynamic Pricing, highly recommend! It makes maintaining pricing a lot easier!!!

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

If you want to, you can definitely start over from scratch with your pricebook. You can export everything out into Excel, and when you import, click the "deactivate current pricebook" checkbox. There are definitely best practices for all areas of ServiceTitan - it takes some time to learn it all and get it implemented in the best way for your business.


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