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Today we noticed that our equipment in Servicetitan Pro has been changed. For example, under Trane heatpumps show a picture of a Trane heatpump w title and description from Carrier unit (which should be and was in a whole different category). This is just an example. Also, categories, subcategories, and equipment is now showing that we didnt have. This is not good as it is now unorganized but content is wrong. Was there an update? Was there some sort of glitch? Has this happened to anyone to anyone else? 


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Have you checked your pricebook settings? Under catalogs on the left-hand side there is an updates button. There is a possibility you have auto updates turned on for pricebook pro. Just change your provider and click the cog and check if it is set to auto or manual. Hope this helps!Screenshot 2023-01-13 113129.png

ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Not sure what happened here, but to fix this go to the pricebook history and export the before .XLS file and reimport it after you validate it.

Here's a snippet of what to look for:PB history.png

Sheena @ NiFT