What’s New in Pro Products - Spring 2024 Release

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

We’ve got a whole host of Pro Product updates for you designed to help level up every part of your business through increased efficiencies and even better insights. Here’s what’s new in Pro Products for Spring:

Find the best technician for the job, and improve tech performance with Dispatch Pro

It's now even easier for Dispatch Pro to select the best technician for the job, thanks to two major updates:

  • Jobs booked with assigned technicians are no longer marked as technician-specific at the time of booking
  • Technicians can now be linked with tags based on their skills

Plus, we’ve provided more control, transparency, and insights into how technicians are ranked and how performance is measured so you can take actionable insights.

Learn more about Dispatch Pro’s technician ranking enhancements here or request a demo.

Know where your non-vehicle assets are at all times with Fleet Pro

To better manage your stationary and non-stationary assets, you can now equip them with trackers and view their GPS location on the Live Map. This helps you prevent and deter theft of your non-vehicle assets. Whenever assets move in and out of a Geofence, you’ll receive a real-time alert.

Learn more about Asset Tracking with Fleet Pro here or request a demo.

Improve job margins using real materials and equipment in Pricebook Pro

Improve job margins with the new Configurable Services feature, which allows techs to specify the real materials and equipment used on the job instead of generic linked material in Pricebook Pro.

Learn more about Configurable Services in Pricebook Pro here or request a demo.

Generate more quality leads and manage campaigns better with Marketing Pro

We’re excited about the newest features coming soon in Marketing Pro designed to help bring in more, high quality leads at the right time and manage your campaigns more efficiently than ever before. Upcoming features include: SMS Marketing, automated campaign management, job value predictor for Ads, and centralized campaign management in Enterprise Hub. 

Learn more Marketing Pro’s Early Access features here or request a demo.

Delight customers with a whole new, modern online scheduling experience with Scheduling Pro

Introducing the new Scheduling Pro, a fully integrated online booking tool built for ServiceTitan contractors. Onboard in minutes, allowing customers to book jobs to your dispatch board instantly. Its new mobile-first, optimized UI is designed to maximize conversions, plus advanced configurations to improve the contractor experience. 

Book a demo to review the latest Scheduling Pro & stay tuned for more information on the Scheduling Pro coming out very soon!