Resolved! Considering PhonesPro and need some feedback

We have been using ServiceTitan for almost a year now and have been using the call bubble system with our VoIP solution. We are changing our call solution and are considering moving to PhonesPro but are looking for some feedback. If you are a PhonesP...

NPJ by New Contributor
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Schedule Engine - Web Booking

We are one month into marketing pro and Schedule Engine. Just wondering if anyone knows how to connect the schedule engine leads into the web booking category in Marketing Pro. I have an awesome Recurring Service Campaign that really encourages peopl...

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Resolved! Time Based Pricing

Hello,I was looking through the settings and it occurred to me: There is nowhere to set time-based pricing in ServiceTitan. Why shouldn't we be able to say that after 5:00pm our price increases a certain percentage etc. Or even just being able to dup...

Austin by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Schedule Engine Acquisition

I am curious how many people use Schedule Engine. We are considering setting this up, and we understand that ServiceTitan just acquired Schedule Engine. When we originally looked at this, we had concerns about the call center. Is anyone else willing ...

Matthew_7 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Customer on hold time

I am gathering data for my CSR's and one piece of information I'm needing is the average on hold time. We use phones pro and dialpad. Thanks in advanced!

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How To Export Phones Pro Reports?

I am trying to figure out how to export the data from the Phones Pro/Dial Pad reports. Does anyone have a secret to getting the data to Excel? I'm trying to get data regarding missed calls (calls that agents let go to our back up number when they cou...

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