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I know I posted about this last year and a very kind person made a user made theme on google that is decent! But still would love to see ServiceTitan implement dark mode for the platform, would be life changing! 


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Making a full blown dark mode for all of Service Titan is much harder than it looks lol... It is very time consuming and I can only work on it here and there. Since Service Titan I believe is made with this design system called Anvil all the styling elements are all unique. For example just to change the Revenue text color on the Dashboard I would have to grab this class "m-r-1 fs-3 fw-bold lh-default" and say something like blue for example. Although that might have some effect on some of the other elements on the page the majority have to be changed individually. And to push updates to the chrome extension store it takes ages and time to make sure everything is in compliance with Google's policies... 

Sorry this was more of a ramble but YES! LIFECHANGING!

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