Building CSR Schedules

New Contributor

I am new to Service Titan. I have a team of 15 CSRs that span 7 days a week/ 16 Hours a day.  I know Service Titan offers the ability for office staff to "clock in and out" but is there a scheduling tool as well that I can use?  I like to rotate weekends and holidays, so a "set it and forget it" schedule for my CSRs is not practical.

Thank you!


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Our company has a similar setup we have 15 CSRs, 6 days a week, and a weekly rotating schedule. We use an app called When I Work. I've used it for years. It's convenient where you can set shifts, easily move shifts around, and simple features for CSRs to accept their schedules. It's not a Service Titan feature and doesn't integrate with ST but it is an easy-to-use software for our team.