Resolved! "Pay first drive if technician is clocked into event"

Good morning! We noticed this week that ServiceTitan has been marking first drive as paid time. I don't know how long it's been happening, I'm new to the company, but all our techs have the "pay first drive if technician is clocked into an event" set...

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Jobs overlapping

Hi, we are having trouble with timesheets and having to manually adjust the tech's times. Example: a furnace install - the techs are paid 8hrs to install. If it only takes them 5hrs they still get paid for 8hrs. We will send them on other calls as th...

ST60 Release - Employee Payroll Settings Page

I am so grateful for the new new Employee Payroll Settings page, this is so helpful!Bonus, we can now see a count of how many technicians we have which on the main technicians page only shows the count if you have more than one page!I love how many a...

emilyramirez by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Payroll Approval

So, I am working on doing payroll approval digitally. Do I have to upgrade to Payroll pro to do this? If not, I am just not seeing my permissions. Help anyone?

KristinS1 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Payroll change removes Lead Technician actions???

I'm wondering why when I change the hourly rate of a technician do I get a message that says "Due to changes to the technician, these permissions were disabled and will be removed..... * Lead technician actions".I don't really understand why a pay ra...

amandam_ by New Contributor
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Clock in Reminders- Individual Jobs

Our Technicians are constantly forgetting to clock in and out for each individual job. Is there a way we can pre-set reminders to send them a message , 5 minutes or so, before the scheduled appointment time?

paigekno by New Contributor
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Clock in/ clock out

I need to be able to limit my techs from being able to clock in from anywhere. Can we set up something to where they can not clock in unless 100 ft away from jobsite?

Katie_BCP by New Contributor
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