Clock in/ out lock outs

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We've had issues with some of our techs abusing the "free" clock in time, eating the clock in the mornings and not doing work tasks until 8 am, yet clocking in at 7:30. We were looking into having the clock in feature "locked" until 7:50 so they wouldn't eat the clock so much. As well as looking into having our techs automatically clocked out if they have not clocked out by whatever set time we could choose. I have talked to one of the ST techs and ST has not come out with this feature yet. 


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You can set up a timesheet code for Shop time. If they are actually doing shop time, they clock into it. The company can set an expectation of no more than 15 minutes to get the trucks loaded in the morning. This will record the time for you and if it's excessive, you have documentation as back up for a discussion or write-up. Or you can change the idle to where it doesn't pay for anything over 15 minutes. If they clock in and they don't clock into a job within 15 minutes of being there, they don't get paid. 

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Hi @skelly24 , depending on how you have your timesheets and idle time setup you can make any timesheet code paid or unpaid, and if they do not clock into a non-job event you can make it so that they are not paid the time while signed into ST mobile.

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I'm not sure how the time sheets are set up, but I can let my boss know who is in charge of the time sheets. We are in the slow season so sometimes the techs are at the yard doing work there while waiting to go to another job or just trying to help keep up shop. We have not figured a way to put in "Shop" time on the schedule yet for when they are working at the shop. 

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Well that's a tough part to work with dishonesty. Does your company have a set of core values and does the company have a goal in mind to aim for? Like if it's profit driven does everyone have a clear understanding what it takes to get there? I feel like there is a deeper issue with what you have described and they don't respect your company.  

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We haven't had an issue with this until recently. Where the tech has been clocking in and will "BS" around until the rest of the other techs get in then talk then get ready for work. We are in the process of restructuring our morning expectations, we have told everyone what time they are expected to leave the yard and what time they are expected to be at the first job of the day. Some of the techs wait until the last minute to get the trucks loaded with their needed parts some are on top of it and leave before the time we tell them to leave the yard. As many have heard the saying it only takes one person to ruin something for everyone else. So as to ruin it we want to limit when they are allowed to clock in. We all have days were we forget something. I myself have forgotten to clock out before but we had a system that would clock us out by 11:59 if we had forgotten.