Overtime Premium Calculation

When paying non-discretionary commissions, you are supposed to include those when calculating the hourly rate for overtime/doubletime. I have a very complicated spreadsheet I created to calculate this number, but Payroll Approvals does not show an ac...

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Resolved! Configurable Payroll- is this possible?

I have a field supervisor. I want to pay him 1% of every job that he is responsible for. In order to do this, does he need to be assigned to the job and have 100% of the split? What I'd really like to do is just pay him 1% of every single job of a pa...

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Technician Shifts Time Off

When you create a shift, time off, on call or overnight for a technician or anyone the note you add at the bottom how to you generate a report to see the notes added?

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Paying Technicians for an Event

We have a weekly training event at the end of the workday. Each week on the day of the event, we are having to delete the event because it pays them for the entire day (first thing in the morning) and it will not let them sign into their jobs. Is the...

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(FEATURE REQUEST) TX Compliant Idle Time Pay

In Texas, the law says that "idle" time must be paid at least at minimum wage. If the hours paid for "idle" time plus the hours paid for "working" time result in overtime (excess of 40/wk), the "weighted average" method must be used to calculate the ...

Configurable Payroll Discussion

I'm just getting ready to launch my first Configurable Payroll profiles for my Service Techs and my salespeople. I'm loving how customizable it it! Tell me your favorite thing you do with configurable payroll, or maybe something you really wish confi...

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Alert triggers when Payroll is disputed

Please create a trigger that I can set up when a technician disputes payroll.Employees do not dispute payroll in the same pay period at times, and I am missing them. (sometimes they wait multiple pay periods before approving a whole set of weeks and ...

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Tech with different roles

Does anyone have a technician that does more than one role in the company which also means different commission rates? I am trying to figure out how to set it up so he can have different commissions based on the job type? Right now it is a very manua...

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