Hello! 2nd Generation Leadership looking to connect with others like me!

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Hi Everyone!

Kace Wakem here from Clean Water America. Stepping into my father's shoes as he retires from the company he started in 1989. I grew up as a little girl in this company and have watched its growth from the very first dollar collected. I moved away from SWFL to Chicago, IL 20 years ago, went to college, met my husband, and started a family. Now I have moved back to my hometown in SWFL to help my dad move into retirement so he can finally rest and play. 

Any other leaders having to step into their parent's shoes during their transition into retirement - I would love to connect with you! This has been a rollercoaster of a transition for me, but I know I'm not alone out there! 

Happy Friday Everyone!



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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator


We are looking for someone to share ideas with as we look to expand our water treatment side of our business.  Would this be something that interests you?  Technically our owner is third generation but he has taken the business to a whole different level.  I am sure he could share some thoughts as well.  Message me and I can send you his info.

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My story is different but definitely similar in 2nd generation part. We are about to start launch a new group Called Small Business leaders and it's dedicated to growing relationships and small business leaders. Stay tuned in the Community here for that.

Great to see other's taking on the next generation of business.

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Thanks for sharing your background! Very interesting to hear how we all get to where we are today! 

Miranda Hufford, Office Manager @ Red Barn Service, LLC