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TitanAdvisor is an automated best practice guide that helps you get the most out of ServiceTitan. TitanAdvisor makes personalized recommendations for features your organization can implement to achieve your business goals.
Technician Shifts allows you to input the shifts you expect your technicians to work, taking off or on call in one place. Shifts are easily searchable and editable. After you have set up Technician Shifts, the schedule displays on the Dispatch Board in an intuitive, color-coded way so that dispatchers know exactly which technician is working on which day and during which times.
Give your customers an easier way to sign and accept an estimate. Offering online estimates helps you capture sales your technicians may have failed to convert, which boosts close rates as well as revenue. For instance, if your technician didn’t sell an estimate because the decision maker wasn’t present, you can send an online estimate for the decision maker to review and sign at their convenience. 
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