Accounts Receivable - "FAKE" Adjustment Invoice Required to Show Balance

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There is a flaw in Service Titan Accounting where a customer pays an invoice (Let's say $20 for simplicity) and shows the invoice as PAID but if the payment is rejected due to "Invalid Account" or "NSF" or any other reason I have to manually add a negative payment task code to reflect -$20 in order for the invoice to show as UNPAID.  Then, if I go to "collect" on the $20 with an updated payment method, Service Titan shows that there is no invoice to apply the $20 payment to; it's not recognizing the -$20 Payment Task.  Therefore, the work-around is to add a FAKE task code of $20, which makes the total balance $40, and I apply the updated payment to the FAKE task code and then delete the FAKE task code so that the invoice shows it's paid in Full vs. having an extra $20 Balance.  I do this multiple times a week.  This needs to be FIXED asap as it causes many issues within our office for collecting on payments that initially show as paid, but fail 24-48 hours later.  


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I agree there needs to be another way to adjust the payments to reflect the correct balance without creating these fake invoices. We do the exact same thing. Wonder if anyone else has a better workaround for this. I don't see any other responses here yet.