Duplicate items

I'm wondering if others have the issue with duplicate items on an invoice and how you find them easily.It would be nice to be able to sort and find any duplicates and/or it notifies tech's & sales doing estimates they already had that item on there.

darbym by New Contributor
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Resolved! Technician Names On Invoices

Has anyone else asked this question? How do we get our technician names on the invoices without having to manually type them into the job summary? Has anyone come up with a workaround? I attempted to create a custom field on an invoice, but the "invo...

jroberds by New Contributor II
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The management needs a detailed invoice for each job in order for it to be approved. Right now they are printing them all out, letting management approve each invoice, and then printing again with changes. We were just trying to cut back on paper and...

Cash Basis accounting

Anyone out there on cash basis accounting???? Need help reporting income per business unit on a cash the invoice item business unit level.

kari_hom by New Contributor
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Workflows for Batching

Who does your batching? We're thinking about having dispatchers batch since they are ensuring proper billing for the jobs that are completed.

joeviars by New Contributor
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Partial Payments for jobs not ready to complete.

How do you deal with partial payments? Several of our customers pay a deposit and then the rest upon completion of the job. The problem is I can't batch and export the invoice until the job is marked complete. So how do I batch and export the payment...

Rita_C by New Contributor
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Invoice Templates

Hey everyone!Our company is looking to update our verbiage on our invoices. Anyone willing to share some ideas of their invoice message, authorization paragraph, and acknowledgement paragraph?Thanks in advance!!!

chelsiebogel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Auto send receipts

When an invoice is paid in full (or even in part) I believe it would be good if a receipt was auto generated and emailed to the customer.

carlie40 by New Contributor
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Past Due Balance (feature request)

The e-mail template in ServiceTitan for invoices is just a generic, blanket "This is your invoice"-style template. What if there was a way to change that text (via a preset template) based on the AR status of the invoice? If the system knew automatic...