Customer Portal and filtering viewed invoices

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Presently in the customer portal all completed invoices can be seen. The problem is..... there is no time for administration to review the invoices and make corrections when the technicians are completing the jobs in the field. We would like the ability to insure proper pricing has been applied and wording of descriptions and recommendations have been reviewed. We strongly believe there should be a filter choice which only allows exported invoices to be viewed in the portal.


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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

@UptackService this is a great idea to add. There is certainly some limitations in customer portal that would be a benefit to improve. In the meantime, as long as the job is not completed the invoice will not display in the customer portal. Once a job is ready to be completed, you could establish a debriefing SOP to include invoice review before a job is completed. 

I did check the ideas area and there was an idea already posted that you could vote on. 

Madison Moritz