Resolved! Payment Deleted

We have an invoice where a technician, during training, ran his own card for a $17,432.00 payment. The payment didn't go through, and was deleted on the invoice. Now the payment is still showing on the Accounting page under unbatched payments. Is the...

Kayladeej by New Contributor III
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Texas Sales Tax - Best Practices in Service Titan

Here is our dilemma. In Texas, we are required to charge sales tax on materials in Service Titan for Residential customers and sales tax on total ticket for Commercial customers. We have a resale certificate with our suppliers.What is the best way to...

kswaba1 by New Contributor
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Credit Card Payments

When an invoice is emailed to a customer but chose *hide items* for invoice style when customer goes to 'Make A Payment' a task breakdown is provided in online payments. If the invoice was not provided with a break down is there a way remove the task...

EManley by New Contributor
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How is everybody accounting for labor in quickbooks?

Labor is a large KPI for me and keeping labor percentages at known and accepted values by department, class or business unit (pick your favorite name). Service Titan exports labor as one lump sum - not by BU (business unit). How are you accounting fo...

tigerac1 by New Contributor II
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Next Button - to move from invoice to the next invoice

Is there anyway to get a next button while in the invoice view to move to the next invoice within our list we have already filtered down to or does anyone have a way to move to the next one without going back through "accounting" to then click on the...

BeverlyF by New Contributor
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Appointment date included on invoice

Is there a way to include the appointment date on the invoice? We have found that it is nice to include the date/s that the technician was on site in the invoice for the customer. Especially when the job has more than one appointment on it due to par...

WRS by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Customer Payments

We've had a couple situations where we had a customer send in a singular check meant for two accounts, is there a way to apply that to the two separate accounts, or is that not doable?

Inventory tracked items on a job PO

So, I finally think I have a handle on how Titan and Quickbooks handle the transaction when an inventory tracked item is added to a job PO. In Titan, the items are added to the equipment or materials section of the job at 0 cost, while the cost is ob...

michael21 by Contributor III
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