Duplicate items

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I'm wondering if others have the issue with duplicate items on an invoice and how you find them easily.

It would be nice to be able to sort and find any duplicates and/or it notifies tech's & sales doing estimates they already had that item on there.  


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Hello- have you checked out a report perhaps based off the invoice items by technician dataset? 

One of the most common reasons we see duplicate items added to invoices is when there are multiple technicians assigned to one job. You can encourage your techs to only have one of them be adding items onto the invoice. 

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We have estimates that pull over into the invoices and the tech's have to add and/or remove. However, when there are 25+ items on there it's difficult to go through each line by line item and find a duplicate and/or the item they need to adjust the quantity or remove all together due to not using. It would much easier if there were a sort feature within the invoice itself to group item #'s together to be easily identified. 

Thank you for your suggestion. I just don't think a report is efficient use of my time when we still have to search on the invoice itself to find what we need to remove or update. It's not easy to explain on paper...sorry!