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Not sure if this is where this question should be...So sorry in advance if this is the wrong place. 

I have technicians who aren't putting tasks in their invoices. What will this do in the long run? 

So, I have invoices that are for warranty calls which of course are going to be zero dollar tickets. My tech is just putting notes in the invoice summary but not putting in a task. What can that mess up? What does that affect? Will it mess with accounting because I have also seen tickets with dollars attached to them but no tasks.?

Please help. We are a newer company and we will take all the help we can get to make sure we are doing what we need to do correctly in Service Titan.

Thanks so much!


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Natalie, Not sure if it will cause any issues or not, but we created warranty tasks incase to help track warranty parts -- one is $0 warranty (Also we have the task create a tag to be able to have a CSR follow up on returning part and getting credit from vendor, then she removes tag) Another side note is mark the job as a No Charge/ non-opportunity so the tech scorecard doesn't get hit on the dashboard for not converting an opportunity

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We have also put this out on the ideas page to hopefully get votes. It would be like the new implementation that a job could not be closed and completed without an invoice summary.   It is very inefficient when you have to go out and check or email a teck to determine the correct tasks to be on the invoices. 

I agree. I get it it is almost repetitive for them to fill out the invoice summary and then put the tasks but on an accounting level...how do we pull over an invoice that has absolutely no tasks. The invoice inevitably will be empty. For example one thing that just get me going is when a tech goes out to a diagnostic call. Well we charge $69.00 for that call but if the customer decides to go with the work being done then we waive it. I think that we need to put that diagnostic in as a task and then waive it out. But I dont know maybe I am just being too picky. Another thing is when in the summary they say they used a part but they don't put the part in the materials section. It makes no sense. I have really had to start reading these invoice summaries. I wish I could kick back these invoices to the techs to fix themselves....but they are so busy. Ha. I believe that everybody should take responsibility for their part and the tech part is the invoice. I have to correct about a dozen a day that is a lot when you think about it because we have six techs....

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

As far as I'm aware empty invoice wont hurt anything! I'm assuming the invoices with money and no task have a chargeable material? If that's the case they won't be considered empty 

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Natalie, The best thing to do is have tech meetings at least once a week and show them  how you want to have it done. Academy courses are valuable.  You can implement them at your meetings.  Go to the practice settings and let them get hands on experience.  You may even need to bring a tech in and give them a one on one.   Training and practice will net you a better result.  In time you will most likely want to take the Certified Admin course.  

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