Invoice Layout Editing

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Service Titan does not allow us to edit invoice layout.  I think this is a really basic feature that should be implemented.  Changes that I would like to see implemented:

Field(s) chooser:  I should be able to decide for our company which fields appear on our invoices.

Font chooser:  Why can't I select the font/type size?

Fit to Page:  I keep having invoices that come out as two pages even when the second page is only a single line.  My printer has a fit to page setting and it was made in 1992...

These are simple settings that all similar software allows.  I don't want my invoices to look identical to every other company that uses Service Titan!  We need to be able to edit our invoice/invoice layout to make our invoices unique so they reflect our company.



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In addition, if the layout would be such that the return address and customer address appear in a #10 two-window envelope for mailing. The awkward way an invoice has to be folded (and still doesn't fit) is very poor. Also, many times, the first couple of rows of the actual invoice are included in the window for everyone to see. 

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Any progress on this? I cannot believe that of all the ServiceTitan customers, no one is having issues mailing invoices in a standard envelope. 

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I hadn't tried mailing one of these invoices yet but I can imagine that it would be a hassle.  Vote on this on the ideas page so they can hear us:

Here is the link to the ideas submission:

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Hi @Adam_HSSOE - I agree with @scottf_GBO on this one - this is a great idea and should be shared with our Product team on our Ideas page. Once you add the idea, be sure to come back to this thread and post the COMMUNITY-I-### so @scottf_GBO and others can support your idea.

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go submit this in the ideas tab... I will vote for this one

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Here is the link to the ideas page for this post:

voted it up!

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I submitted it.  I think this is the community ID COMMUNITY-I-804