Job PO's with inventory tracked items not exporting correctly

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A recent change is supposed to enable you to put inventory tracked items on a job PO.  It is supposed to leave the cost on the purchase order but add the tracked item to the equipment or materials section at zero cost.  This appears to work well on the ST side, but I am having a disaster when I export these purchase orders.  Titan is exporting these items to Quickbooks Enterprise as if the job PO were an inventory PO.  Instead of debiting job cost, as should be the case because the PO is going straight to the job, the items are being added to QB's inventory and the inventory asset account is being debited.  To fix this on the QB side, I have to find each one of these and adjust the inventory off, charging it to the appropriate COGS account.  Of course, that's entirely too much work so, right now, it appears that my only option is to go back to prohibiting tracked items on job PO's.  Also more work, but at least it doesn't screw up the books.

So, I'm wondering if anyone out there is using the feature of adding inventory tracked items to job PO's, and exporting to QB?  If so, how are you avoiding this problem?

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We are not currently - we were, and it led to our inventory being misstated and required a ton of adjustment on my end so we now coach our team to stop direct-to-job tracked inventory via a PO. ST reads POs as purchase activity so when tagged to a job it will only increase the quantity available if the codes are tracked, and when the parts go over that are listed on the job at zero that is when your expense recognition is supposed to occur and subsequently reduce inventory, however if the materials are listed at zero dollars they might hit both accounts but it won't help inventory valuation or expense recognition from a $ standpoint, perhaps only quantity. Unfortunately ST inventory is really built with that one-track thinking despite them rolling out these updates, the system really only understands that PO of tracked materials = inventory. Hope this helps