Is there a way in Payables to make only partial payments? I have not turned on payables in our live account, only tested in Next but I don't see a way to make them partial. We have vendors that we have 30/60/90 terms or sometimes have special terms. ...

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Make Visa Debit a payment option

Hello! Here in Canada, we have so many customers who wish to pay with a Visa/Debit card however, these payments are not accepted through ST so they cannot pay their bill online or by phone with this type of card. Please consider adding Visa Debit car...

KhianaKlatt by Valued Contributor II
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Resolved! Need your best suggestion - Invoice Dates

We are hitting a snag here. For accounting reasons, we would like to see the date the invoice was actually sent via email, and/or, have the ability to re-age the invoice based upon the date the job was completed.As it is now, the invoice date is auto...

Split payments on multiple business units

We noticed that when you receive a payment on one business unit, it cannot be split with an invoice on a different business unit. There are commercial properties and even some residential that will pay multiple invoices with a single check. Without e...

amy_whit by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Quickbooks Desktop 2020 support going away

We currently use QB 2020 desktop and we're quite happy with it. We don't use it for payroll, invoicing, or inventory etc. I do however download banking transactions monthly for reconciliations and it seems I won't be able to do that anymore unless I ...


The ST statement format does not work for us as a 100% commercial contractor. We have many clients who have multiple locations with payments being made out of the corporate office. These clients want a statement that lists all locations on one statem...

KDahmen by New Contributor II
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New Invoice Design

We are really disappointed with the new invoice design. It looks very unprofessional and appears to be off center and crooked. The company info looks misplaced in the center of the invoice. United States is put in to two separate sentences. Overall, ...

Charge Same-Day Cancellation Fee

Hi, Service Titan community! I searched this topic and found nothing in the advisor or discussions. We charge our customers a same-day cancellation fee, and I do not see a workflow for this process. I cannot add a fee to the invoice because any items...

ShannonUST by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Applying a Credit to Customer's Account

When we have to reschedule a customer we let them know that we are going to give them a $50 repair credit thanking them for being flexible and working with us. However at the moment we are just making a note and pining it to the customer's account. T...

Bobbi by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Invoicing Question

Is it possible to go into a customers' account, group up all outstanding invoices, and send them at once?I'm not sure if there is functionality for this yet. I'm stepping into a role here where previous sewer jobs were not associated with projects. A...

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